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Kumori's Cove;

KC is changing rapidly, we are heading into a new era! we are doing a lot of new activities here! there will be much we need help on, and much that you can be helping with.

Tradewars 2002;

We need system administrators as well as league preparers!  KCVF League is still operational! for those of  you who don't know how to play, learn! there are many people in the games willing to teach!

Click here to enter TW2002; Uses a telnet connection, so get swath from here if the earlier link doesn't work!

if you need assistance in TW2002 and are seriously computer stupid then go here


Enter the community here.

 we are creating a whole new community, we will need all of  you active and in the life of it, more importantly we need people to administer and control the community once it is up We ask that many of you participate in generating users, but again we need staff members. If you are wanting to be an administrator or have ideas concerning the board feel free to E-Mail us here


There was not enough people to keep emails handy, but we will make them available once again per request!

Site; Miscellaneous information!

If you are wanting anything or have ideas feel free to administer them to us via e-mail at Here