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The Original Masterpiece

(On Sale)

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  See what started it all, in this timeless masterpiece created by the artist Louie Argyrakis, you get the look and feel for what he was working on one late Sunday night before the company first took off!

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Original DEATHCHESS set

How to order.

Prices are listed for each individual army (16 pieces). Pieces of this size and quality normally sell for over $20 each. This set comes in either pewter or resin. These are heavy sets that demand attention in any room!

  • Solid pewter polished set. Not as dark or ancient looking, but in no way any less powerful. $325-$225

  • Solid pewter antiqued set. This set looks as ancient as the game itself! Not for the timid. $225- $200

  • Deluxe resin set.  Looks exactly like the antiqued pewter set and just as heavy. $200- $150

  • Custom Painted Resin set. Pick your color and these pieces are completed with the highest detail. $150-$125

  • Resin set. Looks exactly like the antiqued pewter set without the weight. $175- $125

Payment Methods

  • Alternatively if you would prefer to pay by checks , please make checks made payable to Invictis Inc and send to: Invictus Inc, 16 N Bartlett Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107

Bulk orders are subject to discount post. Please send an e-mail to enquire if you wish to buy a selection of items or more than one of a particular piece.






-For questions contact us: Click Here

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