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Chess Sets



Egyptian Set - These classic images of our past have somewhat a very unique feel and look to them. . .

. . . Relive the past as they fought, with this timeless chess set.

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  Spartan Set - Live it as we remember it, take that classic look of the Sparta as they fight their way to victory. . .

. . .It was 70 Spartans trapped between two rocky cliff sides. . . against the enemy who outnumbered by thousands, the enemy shot arrows for 4 solid days. . .

Still they stood! Own them today.

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  Original Set - Live the life! See what Lou saw! Click here for Purchasing information

Miscellaneous Objects


Miscellaneous Pieces - Here is where Louie makes it happen, from his ill mind he springs to life the horrors we all knew as children and twisted them to be our toys.

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Box Sets

  Boxes and Trinket Box sets - For the mistress? or perhaps the little missy at home? Click here for Purchasing information

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